Drive more loans & deposits through Omni-Channel
Webinar with customer case study
Feb 1st ; 1:00pm EST

Banking is evolving from single channel, product focused engagement to an omni-channel, client focused engagement model. This webinar will discuss modern approaches that will not only allow your clients to engage for new loans and deposit accounts via mobile or the web; but also how to increase conversion of digital leads by using traditional branch and call center channels

Topics covered

  • A customer engaged in a multichannel context ends up with a much deeper relationship with the bank, more products and services
  • Terafina will present industry metrics that represent how such an approach drives top-line growth
  • Josh Herzog VP of Consumer Lending at KeyPoint Credit Union will discuss how they are changing the game in consumer lending
  • Ravi Balasubramanian, CEO of Sandbox Banking will discuss how KeyPoint leveraged an API driven Open Banking technology framework to accelerate time to market and reduce operational cost


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Omni-Channel Sales & Account Opening Solutions for Deposit & Consumer Lending in the Banking & Credit Union Market



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